mardi 6 mars 2012

The Curse is back =(

J'ai voulu importer mes anim dans UDK puisque j'ai une premiere version de chaque anim (celles de Joanna et celles du bird)...
Malheureusement, les problèmes que j'avais eu avec le bird et qui s'étaient réglés d'une façon dont je ne suis pas certaine sont de retour :(

Je cherche donc toujours un solution a ce problème... Sans résultat pour le moment.
J’espère revenir avec de bonne nouvelle d'ici les prochains posts...

2 commentaires:

  1. Hi there, sorry for posting in English, my French is not good!

    We have had similar issues with our Cat Burglars Game and basically found that FBX is broken. We ended up using Maya 2011 with actor x as the .psk format used for skeletal meshes is still supported in UDK.

    If your issue is the same as ours, in Maya the character looks correct, however when bringing it into the UDK it looks broken. This happens when you save during the skinning process. A work around is to skin the character in one go without saving and export straight to FBX. alternatively use an older version on maya with actor x to do it the old way which works fine.

    Hope this helps :)

    1. Good to know.

      I figured I did some very stupid miskates that cause this problem : I exported my mesh when the biped was in Figure Mode and all suddenly worked fine.

      Thanks anyway :)

      *My english is not great either xX